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Recently, photography depicting miniature figures in crazy situations have been really popular. Maybe it takes some ppl back to playing with their toys and imagining they were alive. That kind nostalgia gets brought back when seeing Lego characters traveling the world or in this case storm troopers in the woods. This series of photos taken by photographer Zahir Batin show some Star Wars Troops getting into some fun and trouble

Sony Announces Project Morpheus, A Virtual Reality Headset For The PS4

This is supposed to compete with the Oculus Rift

Ppl are saying that Sony is just jumping on the bandwagon of VR headsets, which is completely ridiculous. Sony probably been utting this together since before the tech was available. I think Oculus just got the jump on producing a Complete Headset. Of course you gotta expect Sony to put a lot of time into this thing cause… their Sony there’s a lot on the line. The probably are only starting to show this right now just to let everybody know ” Hey we’re in the competition. “

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